Understanding Labels: What is in your Meat? Conventional vs. Organic vs. Natural Meat

Have you seen this article? If you haven't please take a quick glance at it.

The list of things wrong with the way we raise animals for human consumption is getting longer and longer. The only way to protect yourself (and the animals) from these horrors and health risks is to either become a vegetarian or to purchase the highest quality, most humanely raised meat available (it may cost more now and take a little extra effort, but something tells me your health will thank you later).

Since food marketers are getting sneakier every day, I put together a little chart which will help you understand what the food labeling on your meat packaging means. For example, is "natural" really better than conventional meat? The answer (sadly) is no, not usually.

If you click on the below picture you can download it as a PDF to print and bring along with you while grocery shopping.

organic vs natural vs conventional meats
organic vs natural vs conventional meats

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