Why diet coke (and soda in general) is horrible for your health

The average american drinks about 53 gallons of soda per year. Think about that the next time you reach for a can of diet coke! If you are trying to loose weight, consider this: from one can of soda alone you are glugging down about 500 calories from sugar. Many people would easily shed quite a bit of weight by simply eliminating (or reducing) their soda intake.

If you are a diet coke drinker you may think that this is not an issue for you - however, I would argue that diet coke may be worse for your health than regular coke. Think about this: diet coke uses sucralose instead of sugar (aka splenda). Splenda starts off as sugar and then 3 atoms of chlorine are substituted for 3 atoms of hydrogen oxygen which converts the sugar into a fructo-galactose molecule. This process is literally how the now banned [and toxic] pesticide DDT is made. If you are drinking diet coke (or anything with Splenda for that matter), you are literally drinking something your body does not know how to assimilate - i.e. a poison. There are a plethora of studies out there showing how artificial sweeteners may have serious adverse affects on the human body (potentially contributing to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and liver problems).

The moral of the story: coke is not made in a kitchen, it is made in a lab. It is not a real food, its a combination of synthetic chemicals. Instead of reaching for a diet coke when you are thirsty, pour yourself a glass of water, fresh juice, or even a healthy smoothie. Your body will thank you for it.