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RE-BOOT: 10-day clean-eating challenge (spring edition)

Want to get control of your diet? Has “life” kept you from starting diet changes? When motivation lags and support seems to vanish, we’ve got the program for you!

Join The Elderberry team and nutrition coach Nirvana Abou-Gabal (that’s me!) on a 10-day clean eating challenge. Together we’ll reboot, get centered, and form healthy habits so that we may, like the daffodils, BLOOM with grace, vitality, and a dash of sparkle!

Fabulous Food. Nourishing Herbs. Supportive Community.

This is ten days of eating seasonal, clean, nutritious and delicious meals,to help you reset and feel like “you” again (we all feel a little sluggish at this time of year, and this is the perfect time to push the “reset” button). You’ll be supported with nourishing herbs to help carry you through this challenge and beyond. These herbs will be carefully selected with your individual constitution in mind. (You didn’t think we’d be hosting a program like this at The Elderberry without summoning the help of some of our plant friends, did you?!)

This is challenge is NOT about fasting, drinking nothing but juice or counting calories. It’s also not about deprivation or making you feel guilty about your health choices.

Together let’s find strength, comfort, and nourishment in our meals, routines, and kitchens, and have fun in the process!

What you’ll get:

  • 10-day Spring Reboot protocol guide.

  • Deliciously nourishing recipes using healing and seasonal ingredients. These recipes were created especially for this group, and will likely become regulars in your meal planning rotation long after the challenge is over. No boring “detox” foods here, we promise!

  • A one-on-one evaluation with Jan Wolfe, Elderberry herbalist, who will provide you with a custom detox herbal blend, along with personalized recommendations*.

  • Shopping lists, as well as resources on where to shop for the best and/or most economical ingredients.

  • Suggested daily menus and meal planning guides.

  • Two in-person group meetings at The Elderberry, one before the challenge starts, and one as we wrap up, so that we may help you with the transition.

  • A Facebook group for the Reboot community, where you can expect to receive daily support, get your questions answered, and interact with fabulous and like minded individuals.

  • Daily emails from Jan and Nirvana, where we will dive deeply into topics such as cravings, digestion, meal planning, tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine, mindfulness, personal care products, and much more. You’ll find these topics are further discussed on the Facebook group.

*The consultation is included in the price of the challenge, and any herbs purchased are extra. A ten-day supply of loose herbs costs approximately $25. This is optional, and not required for the completion of the challenge, although it is highly recommended and serves as a fantastic support.

Important Dates:

  • Saturday March 16, 11:00am – 1:00pm: Group meeting at The Elderberry to get acquainted, discuss protocol details, overview recipes and herbs, and answer questions. You can also expect some seriously good tea.

  • Monday March 18 – Wednesday 3/27: Challenge duration. Ongoing support on private Facebook group.

  • Thursday March 28, 5:30pm – 7:30pm: Group meeting at The Elderberry. You did it! Time to celebrate, review, and guide you through the transition to healthier eating. Expect fabulous tea and good conversation! Sharing stories is the seed for our future stories that guide us to our desired goals.

Contact us at and with any questions you may have.

Please note: Due to the attention we provide each Reboot participant, we’re limiting the number of registrants. If you are interested in participating, we advise that you sign up as soon as you can, as we expect to sell out.


I observe a gluten-free/dairy-free and/or vegan diet. Is Reboot for me?

Yes, our protocol removes gluten and dairy for the duration of the ten days, and most of our recipes are vegan (or easily adaptable).

Can I eat meat during the Reboot challenge?

Yes. Although certain meats are removed from the diet during the duration of the challenge, nourishing animal products including certain high quality meats and broths are included (though not required).

Is this like fasting? Will I be hungry?

No! In fact, if you are hungry all the time, you are likely doing something wrong. This challenge is not about calorie restrictions, or deprivation. What this IS about is ten days of eating nourishing meals that serve you and help bring your body into balance. The herbal support you receive will further enhance this process.

Can I participate in this challenge if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Most breastfeeding women can participate in this challenge and will find that the protocol suits them well. However, we would appreciate it if you got in touch before signing up in order to discuss your individual circumstances.

While the protocol is generally safe for pregnant women, it is not a good idea to detox your body during this time for various reasons. Participating in this program would require the approval of your physician/midwife.

Cost: $180.00. Includes all of the above.

BONUS! Things are always a little more fun with a friend! Bring an accountability buddy along, and you will each save 10% off the full price.