Get Nourished:
The 10 Day Detox

It happens to the best of us… things have gotten a bit crazy, and you now find yourself nurturing everyone (and I mean everyone) but yourself. And it’s beginning to take its toll… You might find it more and more difficult to get past that 2pm slump without caffeine or sugar. Or your digestion might be feeling a little bit funky (hello, bloating!). Or maybe you’ve gained a few extra pounds that you’d like to start chipping away at. Or perhaps you just want to feel refreshed, and more like “you” again.

This 10-day online clean eating challenge is NOT about fasting, drinking nothing but juice, counting calories, or starving yourself into size four pants. It’s not about deprivation or making you feel guilty about your health choices either. We’re not going vegan, paleo or getting dogmatic about what we will or won't eat.

What this IS about is ten days of eating clean, nutritious and above all delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Healthy, balanced and nourished is the goal. I want you to feel energized, well-fueled and ready to take on your everyday adventures without having to obsess about what goes into your mouth. We’ll also find sneaky little ways to put your own self-care front and center again. 

Intregued? We’re launching soon, so if you’re interested let me know by signing up below and I’ll send you a notice as soon as registration is open. It’ll be fun, I promise!