Abou-Gabal, M.S.

My philosophy in a nutshell: Deciding what to eat shouldn't be complicated. In a world where food and wellness is the new religion, I’m as undogmatic as they come. 

I work with clients with the goal of helping them lead a life where they are thriving. And that doesn't mean obsessing about food. Food is about pleasure, community, blessings, and sharing. It’s not about angst, pant size, guilt, or stress. (We have enough on our plate already, right?). 

I am passionate about working with women to help them get healthy, balanced and nourished. To help them make choices about their health with ease and grace (hint: it’s mostly about trusting YOURSELF - your body and your intuition). Eating well and prioritizing self-care can be easy, and I love showing my clients how.

I am especially passionate about working with new mothers as well as moms of young children. These superwomen are carrying the world on their shoulders, and need the space to prioritize themselves every now and then. Preconception nutrition is another obsession of mine, and I am currently developing a class on that very topic (stay tuned!).  

I currently reside in beautiful Charlottesville Virginia, and am at my happiest when I spend my days with friends and family, enjoying nature, flowers, good company, and a hot cup of tea... bliss! 



I earned a masters degree in nutrition and integrative health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. I am also a certified integrative health coach. Additionally, I have studied functional nutrition and environmental toxicity, and have taken courses on environmental management at Harvard University. I am currently undergoing additional training to earn my CNS under the supervision of Liz Abel, Alyson Roux, and Meg Bowman (all CNS).



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