4 Things That Affect Weight That Have Little to Do with Food

It might have been quiet around here on the NL blog, but there has certainly been a lot going on behind the scenes! Amongst other things, I have been doing a lot of guest posting, one of which is this article which was featured on The Huffington Post and Sonima. Enjoy! 


Many people seem to think of weight management as an equation of calories in minus calories out. The food we eat is factored against the energy burned while exercising and going about one's daily life. An excess of calories going into the body results in weight gain, a deficit results in pounds shed, and an equilibrium keeps the scale steady. While of course our food and exercise choices play a large role in how much we weigh, there are more elements at play when it comes to keeping weight under control.

Our bodies are incredibly complex. Looking at weight management as a simple caloric equation is almost like enjoying the Mona Lisa through the lens of a magnifying glass: it only allows you to get a really good view of just one part of the entire canvas. Often, in order to get a genuine understanding of what is going on in our bodies (which are all grand masterpieces in their own way), it is important to take a step back and look at the big picture. Our body's systems are intricately interconnected; there are countless ways that a lack of balance in one area can show up on our waistlines. In fact, difficulty losing weight can be a signal that some area of the body, such as the thyroid, is not functioning optimally. The points that follow provide an overview of a few surprising factors that can make us metabolically more inclined to store body fat.